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Pencil drawings of various animals by CreatureArtist Pencil drawings of various animals :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 0 0 Dancing Dragons by CreatureArtist Dancing Dragons :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 1 0 Feather Slug Doodles by CreatureArtist Feather Slug Doodles :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 2 0 Six as a hare by CreatureArtist Six as a hare :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 8 1 Critter Painting by CreatureArtist Critter Painting :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 1 0 Six (Little Nightmares) by CreatureArtist Six (Little Nightmares) :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 2 0 Original Paper Unicorn sketch by CreatureArtist Original Paper Unicorn sketch :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 1 0 Ipakolani by CreatureArtist Ipakolani :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 2 0 Maevedragon Creations Logo by CreatureArtist Maevedragon Creations Logo :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 0 0 Plush Fox by CreatureArtist Plush Fox :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 3 0 Cartoon drawings by CreatureArtist Cartoon drawings :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 2 0 Paper Unicorn by CreatureArtist Paper Unicorn :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 1 0 Princess Unikitty in reality by CreatureArtist Princess Unikitty in reality :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 2 1 Wild Cats W.I.P by CreatureArtist Wild Cats W.I.P :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 0 0 Plush Fox (original) by CreatureArtist Plush Fox (original) :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 0 0 Birdy by CreatureArtist Birdy :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 2 0


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
In case you couldn't tell from my username, I like drawing creatures. Whether they're cute & creepy, weird & scary, or just plain friendly.

(I usually go by the username Maevedragon, but somehow that name was already taken here, so I had to think up a new username for DeviantArt.)

I am also starting a small online business called Maevedragon Creations, where I sell prints of my art on things like t-shirts and tote bags! Check it out at the link below:


Pencil drawings of various animals
I draw fictional creatures like 95% of the time, but here's a handful of times I drew real animals.

  Some of these were drawings of live animals at a zoo or elsewhere. It's really hard to draw live animals much because they nevER STOP MOVING aaAAAGH. STOP MOVING! LET ME DRAW YOU!

   The Stellar's Jay drawing was from a trip to Yosemite. I was really impressed by the stellar's jays we saw there, and I wish we had stellar's jays them where I live, but we just have boring Scrub Jays instead.

   The baby Golden snub-nosed monkey was one I drew after watching a documentary about snub-nosed monkeys (because the babies are so cute oh my goodness). 

Most of the other drawings here are practices I did from images found off of google. 
Oh, there's also a bonus human skeleton. Because... skeletons. :happybounce: 
Dancing Dragons
Some sketches for humanoid dragons dancing, doing yoga, etc. I really like how these turned out! I want these piece(s) to have a sense of calmness and gracefulness. I will definitely be turning these into full works of art later (and I might add a few more dragons to the bunch).

Please do not use these sketches as bases, don't trace them, and don't re-post elsewhere.
Feather Slug Doodles
Just some really quick sketches of a little feathery slug creature.
Six as a hare
It's Six from Little Nightmares... as a hare! This idea came to me out of the blue one night, I was laying in bed and all of a sudden I had this image in my head of a rabbit wearing a brightly colored raincoat. I knew I had to draw it because it was so cute.

I decided to make her a hare instead of a rabbit -- because while rabbits are basically balls of harmless fluff, hares are more lean and lanky, with gangly legs. Hares really look like they're built for survival, and I felt like that fits with Six's story/character well (she's a small child trying to survive a world filled with giant monsters).

My dad pointed out that this looks like something from Winnie the Pooh, and now I can't stop seeing it as illustrations from a children's book. This would make really a cute picture book!

(P.S. If you've played the game you might notice that those mushrooms look familiar.)
Critter Painting
Just something I made a while back. It's paint pens on canvas (and outlined with a black pen).

Kind of a cross between reptile and mammal, with a lizard-like head with feline body. Oh, plus feathers (inspired by axolotls, a type of salamander which have feathery external gills).

I like the design and color scheme, I might do a digital art version someday. 


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